I’m Anastasia and I help amazing womxn connect to the truth of what they came here to do, their highest creativity, their trauma-free power, and help them get that truth out into the world in a way that actually feels good. 





I believe trauma healing is the sustainable business + life strategy that’s missing in today’s self help world. 


When we truly listen to our emotional road map, the wisdom of our past painful experiences, our body, we discover all of the answers we’d ever need inside of us. A creativity so powerful it could change this whole world, an entire universe just waiting to be expressed. I believe the only thing keeping you from knowing this truth is the emotional roadblocks you picked up via your childhood, a traumatic event, or societal conditioning. 


The not enough voices. The unworthiness. The trauma. The idea that you have to be perfect to be loved. 


All clouding the gem that is you. 

I believe you knowing who you are, the real you, even the parts you’re terrified of, and loving that you deeply, is what actually causes real shifts in your life. 


I believe this can only happen when we heal where we are hurting. When we dive deep into our hearts, navigate our pain, and pull out our truth. 


I work with women who know that the sweet spot exists where emotional healing meets sacred strategy. Women who can feel that they need depth and steady sustainable life and business practices in order to be truly fulfilled.


My clients have come to me when they have hugely successful businesses  and still feel exhausted and depressed, or women who feel terrified at the thought of even starting a website. Women who feel paralyzed. Many women come to me because they just want to feel alive again. 


Women work with me when they’re sick of hiding. 


My specialty is offering cosmic clarity and seeing your emotional landscape. I combine that with my training in trauma resolution techniques, intuitive work, sacred business strategy, and coaching to offer the best magic I know: 


You remembering who you are and what you need to do to be more of her. 


From there, all goodness follows. 


Most business + transformational coaches focus heavily on one size fits all strategy and surface level mindset shifts. So few focus on deep emotional healing combined with strategy that is unique to you and feels good to implement.   My coaching and intuitive work is based on the belief that if you want to see real change in your work + life, you have to access the cosmic wisdom and infinite creativity you have inside of you and express that out into the world. The only way to know what that truth is, and feel comfortable and confident enough to create from it, is taking a look at your body and the trauma she holds. From there we dive deep into your heart. 

I am a trained and certified practitioner of the following trauma resolution techniques: The Voice Dialogue Method, IFS, Breathwork, and The Rebloom Coach Training (currently enrolled). 

I have since worked with hundreds of clients 1:1, in groups, and on retreat. Most of what I do is based off of personal and professional experience

My work is influenced by the work of Gabor Mate, Peter Levine, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Diane Pooler, Rachael Maddox, Adrianne Marie Browne and Emily Nagoski.


  I specialize is reading your emotional landscape, tapping into the truth of who you are and what you came here to do, helping you source your own answers, and creating a cosmically curated unique-to-you plan around how to heal and move forward with your dreams.  


And cosmically curated unique-to-you plans tend to work much much more effectively and safely.


When we resolve the trauma in our systems and follow the nudges of our soul miraculous shifts start happening.  



I grew up in a home with deeply loving parents, but parents who were also equally unpresent as they were giving. Both alcoholics, I have many memories as a little girl, barricading myself in my room alone, creating entire imaginative worlds where I could feel safe. 

My coping mechanisms started early and when I was 10, I remember eating a whole pizza to myself because it helped me calm down. I also remember obsessively cleaning my room and ironing my sheets as attempt to quiet the noise around me. 

When I was a teenager my need for love made me the perfect choice for a man who was deeply hurting.  

This started a five year abusive relationship, during my most formative years, that began with extreme emotional manipulation and turned into horrific physical and psychological harm. 

With the steadfast support of certain human angels, I eventually left. 


And often times it feels like I never looked back.


But I did, because I spent the next ten years healing extreme ptsd, relationship and intimacy issues, anxiety, depression, and the lowest of low self worth. 


I had no idea I could read energy. I didn't have any childhood memories of getting magic messages from dead people. My parents never told me stories of me saying anything cosmic.  

But then in my third year in college, my best friend died in an unexpected accident, and things started to get really esoteric. 

I started realizing everything  I saw and felt. Which was a ton. 

I told friends little things I heard my intuition say and their eyes would widen. 

I started closing my eyes to get more detailed information. 

People kept asking me questions and I kept answering. 

This service eventually turned into a business and my intuitive work eventually morphed into a hybrid of business mentoring ( I learned I had a knack for seeing high creative visions for my clients, and helping them bring those visions to life) and self worth coaching, but at about four years into my practice, I started to hit a wall.  I could give people all the cosmic motivation and the high that comes when your desires are completely validated by a stranger, I could also masterfully coach them through a complex psychological problem, but why, over and over , were they still finding themselves in the same situations, the same relationships, and the same emotional and physical states? Why were they still so afraid to take the action they really wanted to take? To leave the bad relationship? To end the cycle of self hate and exhausting business practices? 

Around the same time I was hitting a plateau in my work, I was experiencing old trauma symptoms in my personal life. 

My relationships still weren't great. I was an over worker. I suffered from chronic fatigue. I had major anxiety spells and depression that hit like a rock. I was constantly overwhelmed and triggered. 

I needed to go deeper. Traditional therapy and coaching wasn't working for me, or for my clients. 

One Google search led to another and I found myself in my first trauma resolution healing session and then eventually a trauma completion training. 

I did every healing technique under the sun that was trauma informed. I studied as much as I could about systemic oppression and violation. I realized that so much of what I was feeling was not because I was broken, but because we live in a deeply broken systems. One that begets so much trauma, violation, and abuse. 

I started to wake up. Again. This time to my fullest self. The one who was buried beneath cultural norms and ideals. 

Body-based healing became my ticket to true clarity and freedom. When I started working with my body I started to discover truth that was unlike anything else: My truth. My purpose. My wisdom. 


Truth that has travelled through lifetimes and dimensions. Truth that filled my ancestors and native land. 


Holy holy truth. 


All from somatic exploration.  

After that, my whole world changed. I felt different.  My world around me was totally different. Like actually and completely new. I was myself again. Myself for the first time. The me I saw in my dreams. 

Body based trauma resolution work became an obsession, and is still where most of my educational energy goes. 

I honestly believe we can't heal without incorporating the body. 

I went from always finding myself in one re- traumatizing relationship after another, to meeting a man who loved me fully and let me be my total sweetness. 

I went from not being able to get out of bed to fully excited for the morning. 

I went from sick to vibrant. From tired to alive.

My work went from meh to really really really transformational and fulfilling. 

I stopped harming myself through patriarchal models and started truly listening to my body. 

I helped my clients do the same. 

This work has been everything for me. 

I often wonder how being an intuitive/ coach/ trauma resolution practitioner all goes together, but I also know it doesn't really matter. 

I'm a guide. A projector (if you're into human design). A Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon and Rising. A woman who knows that the truest medicine is work that moves the past painful memories out of our systems and reminds us that were never broken. 

I'm on a mission to help get this work to as many women as possible. 

My hope is that I can provide resources that give you hope and 1:1 coaching  and group support if you feel the call to go deeper. 

My hope is that just reading this offers some knowing that you are never alone. 

Not ever. 

I'm a testament that everything can change. In a moment. 




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