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Allison Braun

"Give yourself permission to start from scratch. Just pretend you are starting anew and ask yourself, what would change? How many clients do you want to be working with? When are those clients? When is your free time? When is your creative time? And just lay out your ideal schedule again, something that you can be actively working towards, so it can change now....Get really clear on what does your ideal schedule look like from here going forward."

"I think the closer we get to the depth of our work, especially for those of us who have more personality based businesses, there can be more stuff coming up around if people are going to receive this, because it is so close to our heart.....there's more fear around judgement, will people like this, what will they think... I have to remember what it was like when I was first getting started. What if that first coach that I found, what if she didn't show up. I have no idea where I'd be now, but it probably wouldn't be here. All that matters is that you've helped one person. And in order to do that I have to show up and do my work."


"You have to show up for yourself, and do that inner work, in order to show up in the world. Both are essential in making money. The more you do that the more money you'll make." 

More About Allison:

Allison is a business & lifestyle success coach for freedom-seeking, purpose-driven coaches and healers.

In her words:
"My purpose? To help you shape your gifts into a business that showcases you at your very best, every single day. To help you BELIEVE and experience all the possibilities your heart desires.

Let’s figure out how all your gifts and experiences can come together in a beautifully expressive, joyful and focused way so you can build a soulful, successful business that makes a difference and supports the lifestyle you want."

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