If you're desiring psychic guidance and clarity on the love in your life... 




If you feel deeply that there's something more available for you and your relationships...


If you want a chance to be heard, to ask, and to receive in a group of women... To gain insight around your heart and love that's trauma informed and unique to you...


I've created an experience you might want to check out....











In honor of Valentines Day, I decided to offer an experience I've been offering behind the scenes in my business for as long as it's been running: 

A group psychic session where you can receive specific psychic guidance on your relationship blueprint, the love you're capable and destined to have, see into the trauma and painful life experiences still informing your present day relationship choices, and be witnessed and held by women going through something similar. 

This group session is designed for you if you continuously find yourself going after emotionally, or actually, unavailable partners or deal with co-dependent tendencies or unhealthy relationship patterns in some way or another. This group session is for you if you're longing for something different. 

This two part group psychic session will be revolved around love and relationships. The calls are two hours, there will be two of them and each woman gets to ask me two psychic questions in each call revolving around her relationships and love life. In the beginning of the session, I will also give a group reading, where I articulate the main message the group as a whole is needing to hear. 

Something magical happens when women bring their whole selves together and ask for support. 

In a group psychic session, we realize we're not alone. 


We see each other in our rawness and we recognize that for us to be together in that exact moment, talking about what exactly needs to come through right then, there's something cosmic happening.


How is it that her question answers your's and your question answers someone else's?  


It is no accident the women who choose to gather at the time they choose to do so. Your questions give way to the answers all of you are needing to hear. 

The amount of times I've heard the phrase, "Oh wow...I'm also going through this...the answer you gave her was also the exact answer I needed to hear," is hard to count. 

You're a match to one another. What you're going through is not isolated, but shared. 

We get to feel the interconnectedness of it all. 


This feeling is profound and deeply healing. 

It's a place to learn you're never alone in what you're going through. 


When I first started my psychic practice, I was doing a ton, and I mean a ton, of readings about love. Clients asking me if their person was coming and what they could do to bring them closer, what it was that was keeping them from choosing the right partners, or just a real desire to shift the dynamic they had with their current partners for a long time. It was some my favorite work to do. 


 Because I no longer offer hourly psychic sessions, this offering is one of the only low commitment ways to receive psychic support from me. 

My psychic abilities allow me to read your emotional landscape, tapping into the truth of who you are and how much you're capable of loving, and create a cosmically curated unique-to-you plan around how to heal and move forward with your romantic love that feels authentic, exciting, and empowering. 

I operate from the belief that every answer we would ever need is available to us. I tap into the place where these answers exist. 

You'll leave each session with laser clarity. 





+ Struggle to find partners that meet your needs

+ Feel anxious, insecure, controlling and hyper vigilant in relationships OR feel avoidant and trapped when anyone gets too close

+ Focus heavily on what they think, feel, and want in the relationship, without giving much attention to what you think, feel, and want for yourself

+ Have a secret fear that you will never find your person or that you'll never find someone who is a real match 

+ Choose or are attracted to partners who can't meet you emotionally, intellectually, or physically; i.e. you choose partners who are fundamentally unavailable 

+ Have co-dependent tendencies, where the only time you feel you can relax and be in your power is if you're alone 

+ Desire love that is available,  fulfilling, safe, sexy, emotionally intelligent, strong and exciting

+ Want to end patterns that keep you in the same relationship cycle over and over again




The cost of the Available Love Two Part Group Psychic Session is one payment of $237 or two payments of $147. There is only room for 15 women.  

This price includes two 120 minute group psychic sessions, a chance for you to ask me two psychic questions per session (four total), receive collective psychic relationship guidance as a group, and be supported and witnessed by 14 other women.

The session will be held live online, over Zoom. 

You must be able to attend in real time. 

Session #1

February  23rd at 10 am PST

Session #2 

March 2nd at 10 am PST

The last day to enroll is February 22nd at 11:59 pm PST or when the session is full. 

"The group psychic session was a HUGE breakthrough for me. I felt like the fog I have been in for the past 3 years has been lifted and I can see everything clearly now."

Abbie Brasch, Musician + Artist

"Working with Ana was like having her look into the pages of my soul and read them back to me. Her ability to not only read what was present in my energy but to also reaffirm the unspoken desires of my heart was like being able to exhale after holding my breath for what felt like a lifetime. Her work is invaluable. You'll leave your time with her a totally different woman." 

Phoenix Muranetz, Sensuality Guide And Business Coach and Founder Of Awakened Woman Convergence 

"I full-heartedly trust Anastasia as a psychic and business mentor. My psychic session with Anastasia affirmed so much of what I knew was true in my heart. Anastasia not only guided me with grace on some key decisions with my business (time to go way inward and rest before starting anything new) but also foresaw my desire to have more in-person work, and do more esoteric trainings (soon after I became an EFT Tapping practitioner and became certified in a modality called Matrix Reimprinting). I think what I loved most about having this time with Anastasia though was how uplifting and encouraging she was. She helped me stretch my dreams, saw right through any self-doubts I was holding and helped me believe anything was possible for my life. Our time also included lots of laughter. It was like reuniting with an old friend who could also see my soul. All women could use this kind of support ~ it was a true gift."


Meredith Rom, Author, Coach & Host of the Rising Women Leaders Podcast,

"Before working with Ana  I felt a lot of anxiety and fear of being seen, which was preventing me from truly connecting with my clients and stepping fully into my expressive power.

Now, I feel more centered and confident to put out the TRUE version of me out there, which is a highly dynamic woman able to express a vast rainbow of humanity and divinity within her. I was able to let go of the self-imposed box that I was trying to figure out and just let my creative energy lead the way. The group psychic session felt sooooo spot on and the amount of freedom and peace that came afterwards completely re-inspired me to connect back even deeper to being so true to myself.

I felt so much validation in my experience and felt the support not only from Anastasia, but also from knowing there were other women bumping up against similar blocks within themselves."

Amy Meraki,




Hi There! I’m Anastasia Holland and I’m a psychic strategist, business mentor, writer, self worth warrior, and emotional healing coach for women. Basically what this means is that I tap into the stars and help amazing women connect to the truth of what they came here to do, their highest creativity, and help them get that truth out into the world in a way that actually feels good. 


I believe emotional healing is the business strategy that’s missing in today’s self help world. 


When we truly listen to our emotional road map, we discover all of the answers we’d ever need inside of us, a creativity so powerful it could change this whole world, an entire universe just waiting to be expressed. I believe the only thing keeping you from knowing this truth, is the emotional roadblocks you picked up via your childhood and societal conditioning. 


The not enough voices. The unworthiness. The trauma. The idea that you have to be perfect to be loved. 


All clouding the gem that is you. 

I believe you knowing who you are, the real you, even the parts you’re terrified of, and sharing her with the world, is what changes your business and life.


I believe this can only happen when we heal where we are hurting. When we dive deep into our hearts, navigate our pain, and pull out our truth. 


I work with women who know that the sweet spot exists where emotional healing meets sacred strategy. Women who can feel that they need depth in order to be truly fulfilled and strategy that comes from the cosmos instead of a webinar. 


My clients have come to me when they hit six figures and feel depressed, or when they haven't made much money and want to know why, or when they're just tired of being so tired. 


Mostly, women work with me when they’re sick of hiding. 


My specialty is offering cosmic clarity and seeing your emotional landscape. I combine that with my training in trauma techniques, sacred strategy, and coaching to offer the best magic I know: 


You remembering who you are and what you need to do to be more of her. 


From there, all goodness follows. 

I'd be so happy for you to join us. 

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