Imagine if you had someone to ask if the new direction you're taking in your life or business is the right one.  


Someone to help you know whether it's best to launch your new course now, or later on this year.

Someone to tap into why money isn't coming in the way you want it to.

Someone that could see your purpose, the reason you chose this life, and the work you came here to do.

Someone to help you answer all the questions you feel stuck on: Why he left. Why you feel so tired. Why you're no longer inspired by your current business plan. 


Someone to dig deep into why things feel off. 

Someone to clear up the fog.


Someone to remind you that your dreams really are valid.


Someone to answer your most thought about questions. 

Someone to see you on a core level. Your trauma. Your energy. Your truth.   

Well, this is where I come in.  

I'm that someone.

I'm a psychic.


When I close my eyes, I communicate with The Universe.  I see all that you need to hear in order for you to become who you're meant to be. Your path lights up. Your purpose becomes clear. What you've gone through echoes. What is and isn't working in your life & business becomes known. Your timeline to freedom surfaces.  Your spirit guides talk to me. My spirit guides talks to me. I spend our time together helping it all make sense. We dive deep into all that is you.


I guide you back home.

To joy. To creativity. To clarity. To ease. To Love. 

This is the session for everyone. Whether you own a business or not. An open psychic session is a container to talk about anything. Career, love, money, location, health, spirit guides, your soul's intention, purpose and blueprint.  I'll read your energy, have time to answer all of your questions, help you navigate anything you may be stuck on, and explore a variety of topics and themes that may need your attention.  


$297 USD 


$157 USD

Special ends Monday June 3rd, 2019. After that, hourly psychic sessions will no longer be available. 
In addition to our time together, you'll also receive a session prep sheet. The session is held over Zoom. Audio only. It is not recorded, but you are welcome to record on your end. 

Want To Go Even deeper?

My four month 1:1 Mentorship has one spot open! 

"Working with Ana was like having her look into the pages of my soul and read them back to me. Her ability to not only read what was present in my energy but to also reaffirm the unspoken desires of my heart was like being able to exhale after holding my breathe for what's felt like a lifetime. I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking the clarity, insight and wisdom from their higher self in any area of their life to work with Ana."

Phoenix Muranetz, Sensuality Guide And Business Coach and Founder Of Awakened Woman Convergence 

"Anastasia's ability to tap in and know you so completely is amazing. She was able to answer all of my questions on pre birth intention, spirit guides, life purpose and deceased relatives. Finding someone who resonates on such a high vibration and that has such a big heart is a blessing and I feel so blessed to have had my reading with her. I have a feeling of renewal deep within and feel very connected to myself and the universe right now. Thank you so much Anastasia you will never know how much and how deeply you have truly touched my life. If given the opportunity to have a reading with her take it. You wont regret it! "


Amanda Arrowsmith, Yoga Teacher 

"When you work with Ana, it seems as though you are communing with your spirit - confirming that the path and trajectory you are on is the right one or where your beliefs and ideals could shift to allow more grace. She knows exactly what emotional field and situation you are in before the call. Truly a gifted and divinely inspired healer."

Angelina Munaretto, Founder of Love's Inner Armor 

"Anastasia is truly a gifted soul who was able to tap into exactly how I was feeling and what I was struggling with before I even told her anything. Her energy is so calming and nurturing and she made me feel so supported and at ease during our session together.  If you are being confronted with a challenging situation in your life, at a crossroads or just need some extra guidance and reassurance I highly recommend booking a session with Anastasia. I left our session feeling as though a weight had been lifted and I had a renewed energy and confidence within my desires and myself." 

Samantha Pearson, Women's Wellness Coach 

"Working with Anastasia is like coming home to yourself. Her sessions have brought me invaluable levels of clarity and direction. I walk away each time feeling truly seen by another, loved and supported by the universe, and ready to move forward in my life with confidence.

Her ability to consistently channel spot-on information that resonates, coupled with her highly evolved--yet grounded and relatable--perspectives on life, business and spirituality make for very transformative sessions. One of the things I love about working with her is her ability to dive as deep as I am wanting to go into my inquiries. I feel that this really sets her apart from the other psychics I’ve worked with. She has a gift for meeting you where ever you’re at and providing you with whatever will serve you’re highest good at that point in time. If you’re entertaining the idea of getting a session with her at all, I can’t recommend them enough. You will, without a doubt, receive the guidance, healing, and clarity that your soul is yearning for."


Devon Walz, Abstract Artist and Owner Of The Creative V.A.

"When working with Ana, I was blown away with how meticulous her messages for me were. My higher self/guides truly spoke through her to send me deeply rooted memorandums. Every message she told me was so in need of production to fulfill my life. My soul heard the messages clearly and I have been acting on each every day since, and all I can say is that I’ve seen so much improvement in every area of life and inner well-being. 

I would absolutely refer her to anybody in need of some inner guidance. Thank you Ana!"


Hailey Carr, Raw Food Chef

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