A three month 1:1 business mentorship for creatives and space holders designed to get to the root of what you're here to create and shift your business model

and strategy to do so. 

Refine Your Medicine.

Hey There, 

I remember the first time I realized I was completely exhausted and uninspired in my business, the first time I really felt that I had no idea what my vision was or what direction I wanted to go. My business was doing very well and I somehow found myself in social circles with those at the top of my industry. I remember being at a party full of "famous coaches," a solstice gathering in a million-dollar home overlooking towering redwoods, feeling insecure, and just how I did in high school. At the time I blamed myself--couldn't I have been less awkward?-- but over the years I started to wake up to the lack of integrity and pervasion of toxic spiritual capitalism in the coaching world. This was a liberating time, but also a scary one: Where would my business go from here? Whom were my role models going to be if the ones I looked up to turned out to lack the values I so very much believed in? Did I even like coaching? What was actually going to light me up and fill me with purpose? 

I wish I could tell you some neat and tidy story about how the answers came straight away. But if you're here on my page, you probably know on your own that finding our true medicine, our deepest desires, and purpose, isn't always the most simple of journeys. 

I have thrown a lot of metaphorical spaghetti at the wall to find what sticks and what doesn't. I have taken breaks from my business altogether. I have faced some serious adrenal fatigue from the burnout of a launch model.  I have unfollowed a majority of whom I used to follow on social media. I have taken psychedelics in the searing desert, my body covered in dust, and looked up to the moon to ask: What should I do in my business? (To then hear, "It doesn't really matter, Ana" lol.) I have torn it all to the ground and wondered for a long long while what it was I was supposed to build to take its place. 

And also, since that fateful summer party, that holy of holy revelations, I have fallen in love with my soulmate, completely changed my business model, moved to a cabin in the woods, co-founded a gourmet mushroom business, launched a podcast, found my creative purpose as a writer, and healed my body and heart in a profound and life-changing way. All while still bringing in full-time cash flow. 

I now know who I am and what I want. And wow oh wow, that feels like a miracle. The result: my work is doing better than ever.


I know first hand what it feels like to be an ambitious and creative woman and to also feel like you have no vision to put that creative desire and energy toward. I believe one of the most painful places we can be is when we feel directionless and uninspired. 

I know that when we lose the drive and excitement for our businesses, we naturally show up less and our clients and customers can feel it.  

I also know how to pivot a business model in a way that allows for income to continue, how to let go, rebuild, and create a career that is actually aligned and magical. 

I've also seriously learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to exploring what offerings and gifts are yours to claim and provide.  

I have a hunch that my experience of burnout, lack of inspiration, exhaustion, confusion, deep desire for purpose, and vision is one that you may be having too. 

I know that what helped me the most during this time in my life was having support around clarity, my medicine, my gifts, and where I wanted my professional life to go. 




So I am very excited to announce...

My new three 1:1 mentorship: Refine Your Medicine, where we will intimately explore--with sacred strategy, intuitive coaching, and trauma-informed goodness--what is and isn't working for you in your business and creative life. We will hone in on your gifts, desires, and magic, and we will pave the path for what's next. Together

Who Refine Your Medicine Is For:

+  Female identifying creatives, space holders, and business owners who are looking for something beyond cookie cutter strategy and are ready for a three month magical deep dive into their creative vision. 

+ Those who already know the business basics--email list, ideal client, website, standard marketing ish, etc.-- and are looking for a container to clarify purpose, direction, and strategy that soothes the heart, body, and soul.  


+ Those who are informed of their own trauma and have done significant reflection and work around their emotional landscape. 


+ Creatives and business owners desiring support around rebranding, redirecting, and rebuilding offerings and services that feel exciting and enlivening to run.


What's Included: 

+ Nine 60 minute mentorship sessions. We meet 3x per month.

+ One 75 minute intake visioning session.

+ Access to my course Worthy In Business

+ Weekly voxer audio message support

+ Closing ceremony

There is space for 2 humans. The last day to apply is October 1st.




Month One: A New Vision

Month Two: Your Truest Offerings

Here we will explore your medicine for the world. We will discover what is wanting to come through you at this time, what would feel most nourishing and exciting for you to create. We will distill all that we find into a sacred offering or service and we will get to creating it. You will come out of month two with an offering and business you're exctied to promote.    

This is the time where we will reimagine your more beautiful and true business. We will explore what's working and what isn't. We will take a deep look at your creativity and greatest gifts. We will grieve and feel for time spent unsure. We will call on magic to show us your greatest desires.  We will declare what it is you want and we will make a plan on how to get it. You will leave month one clear on your vision.

Month Three: The Rebirth

This is where we come up with the long term plan and re birth of your truest business and creative self. We will strategize for what needs to be done to shift toward your new vision, to launch your new offerings, and we will do so in a way that feels longlasting for your body and heart.  

What Clients Are Saying:

"I was able to work with Anastasia 1:1 for 4 months, and she completely changed my life. I remember having a breakdown before finding her and just praying that I could get some support in my life and business. As a new entrepreneur I was having a lot of wounds come up that I didn’t know how to navigate on my own. She helped guide me back into myself, my body, my business and my relationships. I remember telling her once that she had helped me even more than any plant medicine ceremony I had ever sat in. This was true because it wasn’t a quick fix, or one ceremony. It was during an in depth mentorship that I was able to really see a change. I would highly recommend working with Anastasia. She helped me bring back parts of myself I didn’t even know existed. She has such a soft, nurturing way about her you always feel safe and held. She is a master when it comes to business."

Chelsey Jo


The Cost:

Once you apply we will set up a free 30 minute clarity call to see if working together is a good fit.

There is space for two humans. The last day to apply is October 1st.

One payment of $2100 USD


Four Payments of $580 USD


Do you have the financial means to pay for this program?

My Training + What Makes Working With Me Different: 

My coaching style is largely based off the knowing that you already whole, wise, and full of health. My job is to be your sturdy space holder as we explore the unresolved trauma, violation, doubt, and fear making you feel otherwise. 

I take a somatic, body-based, gentle approach to coaching that allows you to find doable action and sustainable transformation. 

My sessions are a lot like journeys. Where the body whispers and we follow. Finding treasures of your soul along the way. 

My clients leave our time together knowing who they are and the truth they came here to be. 

There is no forcing, pushing, or fast result seeking. 

But there is magic, miracles, creativity, intuitive guidance, doable life-changing shifts, and body-based, trauma-informed love. 

I have run and owned a successful business for six years and have helped hundreds of creatives start businesses of their own. I specialize in helping you get to the heart of what you want to create and finding a strategy that feels good to implement to help you do so. 


I am a trained practitioner of the following techniques: The Voice Dialogue Method,  Breathwork, and The Rebloom Coach Training (currently enrolled). 

My work is influenced by the work of Gabor Mate, Kathy L. Kain, Peter Levine, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Diane Pooler, Rachael Maddox, Adrianne Maree Brown, and Emily Nagoski.





Refine Your Medicine Application: 

Have questions? Just shoot me an email to ana@anastasiaholland.com