The Worthy In Expression Call Schedule: 

All calls will be recorded and sent out.  It is highly encouraged for you to attend as many calls as possible, but it is inevitable that you will miss some. If you can't attend live, you will be able to submit your questions beforehand. 

Welcome Ceremony: 

August 7th 4pm - 6 pm PST

Group Calls: 

August 18th 12pm - 2 pm PST

September 5th 4pm -6 pm PST

September 18th 4 pm - 6 pm PST

October 6th 12pm - 2pm PST

Oct 22nd 4pm - 6pm PST

November 6th 4 pm- 6pm PST

November 17th 12am-2pm PST

December 4th 4pm-6pm PST

December 15th 12pm - 2pm PST

January 13th 4pm- 6pm PST

January 26th 12pm - 2pm PST

Closing Ceremony: 

February 5th 4pm- 6pm PST

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