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Cassandra Bodzak

"We all have a bar, we all have a standard of living of what we should be doing right now, and we meet that standard. You look at your life and your life is the standard you set for yourself."

"Your life is always a reflection of what you think you're worthy of."

"There's so many things out there that are going to tell you you're not enough. You need to make your inner workings so strong that you can say, 'You know, actually, I am enough.' " 

More About Cassandra:

Cassandra Bodzak is the founder of the online mind-body-soul support community, and a global meditation and wellness teacher who instructs people on how to utilize the technologies of food, meditation, and self-care to make peace with their bodies and their plates.


Cassandra is the host of Eat with Intention TV or you may know her as the happy, healthy living guru from ABC’s The Taste.


She is an author, speaker, and certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. Her upcoming book “Eat with Intention” is all about quieting your mind, loving your body and nourishing yourself from the inside out, which is available now, wherever books are sold from Race Point Publishing.


You can get her free 45 minute audio "beginner's guide to bliss" to give you a jump start to creating the life that lights you up today.

You can find her work at:

@cassandrabodzak on Instagram

@cassandrabodzak on Facebook

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