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Charis Melina Brown

"Sometimes you just have to put it in the fuck it bucket."

"There is something about equal energetic exchange...The universe always returns to you the energy you send out. If you're doing healing work at your job which has nothing to do with healing, and you're aware of this, rather than agreeing subconsciously just to give and give and give, you can know that the Universe will pay you back. It might not always be in dollars, it might be in a gift, or a trip, or an invitation, or a connection, but it does always come back."

More About Charis:

Aside from being one of my favorite people to watch on YouTube EVER, Charis is a "magician" living here in the modern world. She is educated with two master's degrees and chose to leave school and write her own books three months shy of graduating with a Ph.D. 

She makes a good living, drives her car, checks her email, makes dinner, and also rocks out amazing rituals under the Full Moon, talk to ghosts, aliens, and elemental nature spirits, and remember her past lives.

She believe's you can absolutely do all of it and be a perfectly sane, balanced, awesome person who rocks existence on multiple levels.
Her job is to show those who want to learn how.

Where you can find her work:

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