A four-month group healing circle for womxn recovering from unhealthy relationships and desiring safe + epic love in their romantic partnerships.


Hey There, 

There are few things I am more proud of than my recovery and healing from the violent and unhealthy romantic relationships of my past and the eventual meeting of my current partner--my soulmate, my best friend, my anchor. 

I am even prouder of the womxn I've helped do the same.

My story is one of an abusive past, relationships filled with games, lies, and trauma. My story is also one of hope, of finding a kind of love that many dream of.

It is my greatest accomplishment to have come from where I did and to be where I am now.

I wish I could play you a movie portraying what my life used to be. So you can feel within your own bones how possible it is for someone to transform. 

You would see a girl, frail, begging others to love her. 


Someone giving every ounce of love they've got to people with too much hurt to receive it. 


I know what it's like to think that if you just love them enough, their hurt will go away and their love will finally hold you in the way you need. 


I know what it's like to find yourself in pattern after pattern of love that is intoxicating, but dangerous. All-encompassing, but painful.  


I know what it's like to wonder, will anybody ever love me? 


To feel so low, so unworthy, that you settle for so much less than you deserve. 

I also know what happens when you do decide enough is enough, when you take two steps towards healing and are swallowed by your own grief and pain.


I know what it's like to feel so lonely. To wonder: will the healing ever end? Will I ever meet my person? To think: my relationship wounds feel too gigantic to ever mend.

I know what work it takes to transform that sorrow into joy, into art, into an entirely new life. 

I know, I really really know, what it takes to find epic love on the other side.

And there's one thing I know for sure: mending from abusive and unhealthy relationships can't be done alone.

It takes the stories and hearts of others for us to really, actually, see ourselves in a new way.

It takes support to see through the dark. 

It takes the magic of us gathering together to cast spells and vision a new way. 

It takes a group of magical, creative womxn to help you heal and call in the love you desire and are worthy of.

After years of working with hundreds of womxn in my coaching practice, helping them transform their pain into joy, and encountering human after human struggling in their romantic relationships, I have always wanted to create an offering like this. 

Because I believe with every ounce of me that epic and safe love, after a past full of unhealthy relationships, is not only possible but available for everyone.





So I am very excited to announce...

My new four-month group healing circle: Refuge, where we will intimately explore--with intuitive coaching, group work, and trauma-informed goodness--your romantic past and future. We will gently traverse the terrain of your heart, mend from traumatic intimate relationships, and vision and call in the partnership of your dreams. And we will do it all Together. 

Who Refuge Is For:



+  Creative and magical female-identifying humans who want to explore and heal from past unhealthy and traumatic romantic relationships and want to do so with the support of other womxn. 


+ Those yearning for healing from relationship trauma and violence and desire practical, spiritual, somatic tools on how to do so. 

+ Womxn desiring a romantic partnership that is safe, healthy, and full of amazing love.  


+ Individuals who are informed of their own psychology and have done significant reflection and work around their emotional landscape. 


+ Those who feel resourced enough to listen to and support others in their process.


What's Included: 

+ 16 two hour group healing circle sessions. We meet 2x per month as a group, for four months.

+ Bi-Weekly Healing Exercises explored individually, that we then discuss as a group.


+ One 60 minute Safe Love 1:1 intuitive coaching session.

+ What's App Group to stay connected between meetings 

+ Opening and Closing ceremonies

There is space for 12 humans. The last day to apply is December 15th .




How It Works: 

Topics we'll explore: 

Every other week, starting in January, we will meet as a group. The week prior to meeting you will receive a healing exercise via email to explore and complete before our next group session. Each woman will get an allotted time to share her experience with the exercise and whatever else she needs support with, and then if it is wanted, she will get a reflection from me and the group. Each week builds on the week prior and the exercises are designed to explore past/present experiences in romantic relationships in a gentle and transformative way. You also receive a 1:1 sixty-minute intuitive coaching session with me and can choose to add on more sessions if you are needing extra personal support.  But it is truly the power of healing with and in the presence of other womxn that makes Refuge so wonderful. After working with hundreds of womxn I've found that isolation and lack of healthy community is often what leads us to choosing, and staying in, toxic romantic relationships and suffering from their aftermath. I've found that what heals our romantic relationship wounds the most is being in community with other womxn who are going through something similar.


We are stronger, wiser, and more powerful together. When we remember our strength, our wisdom, our power, and when we resolve what is telling us otherwise, we no longer choose relationships that harm us. We choose love that is safe + epic to let us heal and thrive. 

+ Where you learned what love should look and feel like.

+ Self-parenting and inner child healing.

+ Storytelling as a way of healing and resolving relationship trauma.

+ The power of being witnessed in your experience.

+ Why you find yourself repeating patterns and what those patterns are trying to tell you.

+ Attachment styles and how to work with your attachment style, versus against it.

+ Co-dependency, boundaries, and healing from violations.

+ Safety in romantic partnerships. 

+ Big epic love visioning. 

+ Why you are so damn worthy and exploring anything telling you otherwise. 

+ Receiving big epic love once it comes and how that can be the hardest part. 

And so much more!

What Clients Are Saying:

"I was able to work with Anastasia 1:1 for 4 months, and she completely changed my life. I remember having a breakdown before finding her and just praying that I could get some support in my life.  I was having a lot of wounds come up that I didn’t know how to navigate on my own. She helped guide me back into myself, my body, my business and my relationships. I remember telling her once that she had helped me even more than any plant medicine ceremony I had ever sat in. This was true because it wasn’t a quick fix, or one ceremony. It was during an in-depth mentorship that I was able to really see a change. I would highly recommend working with Anastasia. She helped me bring back parts of myself I didn’t even know existed. She has such a soft, nurturing way about her you always feel safe and held. She is a master when it comes to healing."

Chelsey Jo


The Cost:

Four Monthly Payments of $444 USD


Extended payment plans and sliding scale fees are available for those that need it. Please apply to the program and then email me at ana@anastasiaholland.com for more payment info.  

Once you apply we will set up a free 30-minute clarity call to see if the program is a good fit for you and your needs.

There is space for 12 humans. The last day to apply is December 15th.

Do you have the financial means to pay for this program?

More About Me As Your Guide: 

My coaching style is largely based on knowing that you're already whole, wise, and full of health. My job is to be your sturdy space holder as we explore the unresolved trauma, violation, doubt, and fear making you feel otherwise. 

I take a somatic, body-based, gentle, intuitive approach to coaching that allows you to find doable action and sustainable transformation. 

My sessions and programs are a lot like journeys. Where the body and heart whispers and we follow. Finding treasures of your soul along the way. 

My clients leave our time together knowing who they are, what they are worthy of and the truth they came here to be. 

There is no forcing, pushing, or fast result seeking. 

But there is magic, miracles, creativity, intuitive guidance, doable life-changing shifts, and body-based, trauma-informed love. 

I have run and owned a private coaching practice for six years and have helped hundreds of womxn transform their lives and relationships. I specialize in helping you get to the heart of what you want and finding healing tools and practices to help you get there. My greatest skill is my ability to really see you, what you've gone through, where you're headed. In fact, a few moons ago I used to have a business as a psychic. These days I love helping my clients connect to their own intuitive knowing.


I am a trained practitioner of the following techniques: Parts Work,  Breathwork, and The Rebloom Coach Training (currently enrolled). 

I hold a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of California, Berkeley, and I write fiction and nonfiction. I believe deeply in the power of storytelling as a way to heal. 

My work is influenced by the work of Gabor Mate, Kathy L. Kain, Peter Levine, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Diane Pooler, Rachael Maddox, Adrianne Maree Brown, and Emily Nagoski.


Most of my experience comes from the thousands of hours spent working with clients and through my own lived experience of healing from, and thriving after trauma.




Refine Your Medicine Application: 

Have questions? Just shoot me an email to ana@anastasiaholland.com