For women  that want to break free from a lifestyle that isn't working. Gain psychic wisdom and soulful strategy about what will.  And harness their worth to create a life of ease, joy, purpose, and freedom.









(Cool, right?)

And Me! Psychic, Soulful Business Strategist, Self Worth Expert, And Friend, Guiding You Every Step Of The Way.

"Working with Ana was like having her look into the pages of my soul and read them back to me. Her ability to not only read what was present in my energy but to also reaffirm the unspoken desires of my heart was like being able to exhale after holding my breathe for what's felt like a lifetime. I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking the clarity, insight and wisdom from their higher self in any area of their life to work with Ana."

Phoenix Muranetz, Sensuality Guide And Business Coach and Founder Of Awakened Woman Convergence 

"Working with Anastasia is like coming home to yourself. Her sessions have brought me invaluable levels of clarity and direction. I walk away each time feeling truly seen by another, loved and supported by the universe, and ready to move forward in my life with confidence.

Her ability to consistently channel spot-on information that resonates, coupled with her highly evolved--yet grounded and relatable--perspectives on life, business and spirituality make for very transformative sessions. One of the things I love about working with her is her ability to dive as deep as I am wanting to go into my inquiries. I feel that this really sets her apart from the other psychics I’ve worked with. She has a gift for meeting you where ever you’re at and providing you with whatever will serve you’re highest good at that point in time. If you’re entertaining the idea of getting a session with her at all, I can’t recommend them enough. You will, without a doubt, receive the guidance, healing, and clarity that your soul is yearning for."


Devon Walz, Abstract Artist and Owner Of The Creative V.A.




We all have a cosmic blueprint. An intention we set for this life prior to coming here.


Specific talents, gifts, and contracts. All of us have specific work to do. A purpose meant just for us. It is my belief that life will always lead us back to here. To who we are really meant to be.  Each event, each moment, each rock bottom is a call for us to show up. To do our work. To be the best coaches, healers, writers, artists, mothers, lovers, teachers, and light workers we can possibly be.

But knowing where to start and how to get there isn't always easy. It's a serious journey. A journey that needs support. 

This is where I come in.

Why Psychic Strategy Is So Effective: 

A coach's job is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. 

Through strategy, advice, effective action, and loving support.

But what if you need more?



What if you are feeling trapped and have only a tiny idea about the work you're meant to be doing?

You know you want out. You know you intended for something bigger than what you have right now.

More money. More Life. More Ease. More Travel. More Joy. More Love.

You just need some extra clarity to help get you there.


What if you could work with someone who can see the work you came here to do? What if you could know all the details of how you're meant to be doing it?

What if there was someone who could offer you effective business and life strategy, support, and guidance AND someone who could offer you cosmic wisdom.

Someone who could see you fully. Your purpose. Your blueprint. Your unique soul song. 

Someone who you can help you get from trapped to free. 


This is what I do.  

My job is to help you remember what it is you came here to do and to help you start doing it. To help you get unstuck, gain clarity, and remind you of your truth. Your unique mission. To guide you in creating a life that allows you to fully be you. In your power. Radiating all that you came here to radiate. Your entire WORTH. 


But the thing is, unlike a normal life coach, I don't work alone. 

I have an entire cosmic team helping me: The Universe. Your Guides. My Guides. The Place Where All Knowledge Exists. 


I am always tapped in.

I am always helping YOU tap in.


Always offering not only my opinion, but the opinion of your higher self. 

My psychic abilities combined with my extensive experience in starting and running a successful online business, and creating a pretty awesome life for myself, has created an experience that is something like magic: 


Think Psychic readings, meets coaching calls, meets effective business strategizing, meets life uplevel game plan sessions, meets having tea with a really loving (and I think, funny) friend.  

Think a total life re-do. 

Think after our three months you'll feel like entirely new version of yourself. 

Powerful. Capable. Creative. Expansive. WORTHY. 











































You feel stuck, trapped, exhausted, and weighed down by life. 


You want a life that excites you, you want to feel free and and energized and purposeful when you wake up in the morning. 


You think you aren't smart enough, talented enough, creative or savvy enough, to have a successful business and life.

You know you have a huge purpose. You know you want to get out of your current situation and do amazing work, but you only a slight idea of what exactly you want to do, or should do.

You need help creating a business that allows you to have the lifestyle of your dreams.


You aren't meeting your goals, you may not even have goals. You have a hard time following through on any projects or ideas, and nothing seems to be really working or bringing in money.


You feel confused, foggy, and unsure of your next steps.


You want more ease, flow, fun, travel, and love. 

Normal business coaching feels like it's missing something for you. You want someone who can see a bigger picture. Who can see you cosmically and emotionally. 

You want someone who is real and authentic. Who knows how to create a successful business.


You want someone who understands energy, but is also a master at branding, marketing, and sales.   


You want to connect with other smart, compassionate, and conscious women that are on a similar journey as you.  

You want to end the constant struggle.

You want powerful support. 

You are ready to invest in you. In your joy, life, business, and love.

We'll meet each week over Zoom, so I can offer you steady cosmic clarity, support, strategy, and love. 


Month One: Getting Unstuck, Gaining Clarity And Knowing Your Purpose Is Your Power

For our first month together we'll discover your unique blue print, gifts, and intentions for this life. I'll remind you that there is a very real reason you're here.  We'll look at what's working in your day to day and what isn't.


We'll hone in on what you actually want and we'll figure out a way to make that happen.


We'll come up with a plan. A strategy to move you forward on your path in a way that feels good.


This month is all about massive clarity, planning and courage to change. It will shift you to do what only you came here to do.   We'll create something together that you feel good about, that is not only crafted from my psychic abilities but your own. 


What You'll receive:


One 90-120 Minute Intro Psychic Strategy Session: 


This is the big session, I'll spend the first hour in a full psychic reading, where I tap into all that is you, from the wisdom that comes through we'll then create your unique three month outline to move you forward. This session will create the container for our months together, provide you with actions steps, help you feel totally capable and valuable and will be our guiding force as we progress.

Bi-Weekly 15-30 Minute Worthy Check In Calls:  

To address the "I can't do this," "I am not enough," "Who do I think I am," voices that may come up, answer any questions you may have, and go over anything you might need extra support with. 


 One 60 Minute Psychic Strategy Session:


To connect back in, set new weekly strategies, actions, and goals based off of your unique desires and for me to offer you support and guidance for whatever you need and are working on.  

One Group 60 Minute Strategy and Space Holding Call


With the other women doing this program along side you.


Group calls will meet once a month and will serve as mini strategy sessions where we all hold each other accountable, state our goals and intentions out loud to the group, and offer support, advice, and love whenever it is asked for. 

After each session you'll receive action work and exercises to help you stay efficient and accountable.

Month Two: Consistency Is Gold, Owning Your Worth Is Magic


This month is all about commitment to the work that has been presented to you in month one. Whether your intention is to quit your day job and travel, or start a killer business, or move to a cabin in the woods and hold women circles, this is where we really make sure you're implementing the consistency to get you there.  We'll take your action to the next level and uncover anything that could be holding you back. I will offer my steady psychic strategy, business and personal development advice, and love. You will feel on fire. 

What You'll receive: 

Bi- Weekly 60 Minute Psychic Strategy Sessions:


To offer more cosmic clarity, make sure we're on track, implement new strategies and goals and for me to give you as much support and guidance that you need.


One  30 Minute Worthy Check in Call


1 Group 60 Minute Strategy and Space Holding Call 

Action Work and Take Home Exercises After Each Session 

Month Three: Taking The Reigns, Knowing Your Own Guidance, And Creating A Six Month Plan

Our last month is all about putting the finishing touches on our work together, creating a foundation that will last even after your mentorship ends and  getting you to know your own inner guidance and wisdom so you can thrive in the months to come.  This month is all about you taking the reigns in your life and business and getting you to a place where you feel totally ready to rock your worth on your own, make intuitive business and life decisions, and to shine your gifts out to the world.  We'll create a six month plan for to implement when our work ends and strategy that feels sustainable and amazing for you to uphold. 

One 60 Minute Psychic Strategy Session

One 30 Minute Worthy Check In Call

One Group 60 Minute Closing Ceremony & Final Strategy and Space Holding Call 

Action Work and Take Home Exercises After Each Session 

One 75 Minute Closing Psychic Strategy Session:

(This one is fifteen minutes longer to make sure we have enough time to make you feel comfortable and ready for our time together to come to an end.)

You'll also receive:

Unlimited email support: to ask questions, shoot me ideas and get feedback.

One Custom Welcome Goodie Package.


 One bonus follow up 60 minute psychic session to check in a month after we end our work together. 

























































I first contacted Ana when I was at a very low point. I was absolutely miserable at my job, felt separated from friends, hated my living situation, and recently left a 6 year relationship. I was deeply hurting, and for the first time in my life, experiencing depression. Beyond seeing myself as a failure, I felt I had lost my voice. But Ana saw me.. to my core, when I couldn't see myself. I had never been to a therapist, counselor, psychologist or psychic before, so this was quite a new experience being so open and vulnerable. Ana made me feel very comfortable though and walked me through what to expect for our work together. She was kind, empathetic and patient. I left our sessions feeling like someone understood me, which gave me peace and hope that things would get better. I'm very grateful for the experience and would definitely recommend Ana to anyone

Alicia, Marketing and Sales Consultant

"Anastasia's ability to tap in and know you so completely is amazing.  Finding someone who resonates on such a high vibration and that has such a big heart is a blessing and I feel so blessed to have worked with her. I have a feeling of renewal deep within and feel very connected to myself and the universe right now. Thank you so much Anastasia you will never know how much and how deeply you have truly touched my life. If given the opportunity to work with her take it. You wont regret it! "

Amanda Arrowsmith, Yogi and Mama

"I was blown away with how meticulous Ana's messages for me were. My higher self/guides truly spoke through her to send me deeply rooted memorandums. Every message she told me was so in need of production to fulfill my life. My soul heard the messages clearly and I have been acting on each every day since, and all I can say is that I’ve seen so much improvement in every area of life and inner well-being. Another plus: she was extremely patient with me and tended to each subject so full-heartedly and punctiliously, and truly took her time to fully explain everything to my understanding. I would absolutely refer her to anybody in need of some inner guidance. Thank you Ana!"

Hailey Carr, Raw Food Chef

Your investment: 

One payment of $2700 USD

Or A Six Month Automatic Payment Plan Of $485 USD Per Month

This program is only open to four women that are ready for big change in their lives. 

Enrollment ends May 17th. 

If you feel called and ready to work together, please  click the button below to fill out an application.  I will  assess if I feel that working together would be an amazing fit,  for not only our 1:1 work, but for supporting the other women in the program.

If I think we'd be great together I'll contact you to set up a free 30 minute tea date over Zoom to get to know each other and go over payment options.

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