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Words and stories on what it feels like to be human.


Join me each week as I have conversations with colleagues, friends, family, and strangers that explore How To Feel...abortion, chronic illness, ancestral trauma, fear, miscarriage, creativity, heartbreak, and so much more.


This podcast was created with the intention to normalize the range of human emotions and as a response to a question I often receive: "How do I feel?" 

It was birthed from my heart. I hope you enjoy!


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Episodes + Shownotes

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Join me and Artist, Devon Walz (who also happens to be my best friend), as we discuss how to feel creative during a pandemic and beyond. We explore how Devon found painting while struggling with depression, how creating each day has completely transformed her mental, emotional, and physical health, and so much more. 

In this solo episode I explore a personal topic: how to feel sexy when you're exhausted.  This episode is for the ones who are tired and want tools to find their sexy when they can barely get out of bed. This episode is an exploration of what feeling sexy even is and a reclamation of your own desires, needs, wants, and sexual expression even when you're sick or tired.

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Join me and Author and Breathwork Facilitator, Michelle D'Avella, as we discuss how to feel heartbreak. We explore how a blindsiding breakup led Michelle to write a book, discover and reclaim lost parts of herself and so much more.