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I try my best not to scroll Instagram, but when I do I find myself absorbed by one woman's posts: Ann Nguyen. She's a sexual empowerment coach for women and her posts say things like, What Would Your Pussy Choose To Wear Today?... How I Orgasamed My Way To Promotion In The Corporate World.  Her content always leaves me feeling excited and inspired. When I think of pleasure, I think of Ann, so I knew that I wanted to have her on the podcast to share her journey of becoming an advocate for women to reclaim their sexuality and lives. From previously reading her story, I knew that pleasure didn't always come easy and that this path has entailed many years of healing trauma and conditioning. We discuss it all in this episode. 


As Ann states, "Pleasure is one of the most delicious forms of resistance," and we get into why women feeling pleasure will not only transform their personal lives, but also the world. I can't wait for you to listen.  

What we cover in this episode: 


+ Ann's personal journey of feeling safe to feel pleasure and becoming an advocate and coach for others to feel the same 


+ How women and femmes can reclaim pleasure as something for themselves, versus their pleasure and their existence being something that is here to serve others 


+ Redefining pleasure and all of the multiple flavors of pleasure 


+ How making things just 5% more pleasurable can be revolutionary and transformative 


+ Pleasure and capitalism


+ The power of Pussy and practices to connect to the Pussy archetype


+ Body love and taking our power back to create a new narrative about our bodies


+ Pleasure as resistance in the revolution


+ Pleasure showing up as pain


And so much more!

Born and raised in California as a first-generation Vietnamese American woman, Ann has lived her whole life following two main things: her curiosity and her urge to question everything with “but why?”. These curiosities and questions have led her down a dynamic path from graduating with a B.S. in Neuroscience at the University of California, Santa Barbara, to working in various jobs in the tech industry at Google, Facebook & YouTube.

Most recently, she’s trained at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality to embark on her latest endeavor – being a Women's Sexual Empowerment Coach. Her work is in service to changing the way that women relate to their pleasure and rewriting the narrative of sexuality in our modern times, and creating safer spaces for women of color to pursue their healing and thriving. Through her coaching and online programs, she reconnects women to the power of their sexuality and facilitates deep transformation for sexual reclamation.

You can find her work at

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