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In this solo episode I explore a personal topic: how to feel sexy when you're exhausted. I've dealt with chronic illness and fatigue since 2015, which has made sex a bit more complicated. This episode is for the ones who are tired and want tools to find their sexy when they can barely get out of bed. This episode is an exploration of what feeling sexy even is and a reclamation of your own desires, needs, wants, and sexual expression even when you're sick or tired. This episode is is a big no to a culture that says sexy looks and feels one certain way. A way that, I’ve found, is nearly impossible for most of us to look and feel. What does sexy feel like when you’re exhausted, sick, sad, anxious, depressed, when you’re recovering from something huge? I cover it all. There's even a special interview at the end with my partner, Isaac. You won't want to miss this one. 

Anastasia Holland is a writer, coach and guide who specializes in helping others find joy and aliveness after trauma.  Through her 1:1 and group coaching programs, retreats, articles, podcast and workshops she reminds her clients of the gems of uniqueness they have inside of them and help them express their dreams in a way that is sustainable, safe, energizing and strategic.


Her jam is at the intersection of creativity and trauma resolution.  She believes that self-parenting is magic, that we don’t need to be fixed, but instead nurtured, encouraged, and let loose. Her work is committed to reminding you of your truth and that you can absolutely heal, thrive and do life in whatever way you choose. 

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