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Jaya Rose

“The trick is not to find people who are different, it is to be different yourself so people can find you.” 


“ When we are shining our brightest, and in our most brilliant work, and in our zone of genius, and allowing the

 open channels of receiving, giving and receiving, that’s where the power is.”


“Getting visible without the core principles of marketing is not really going to be that helpful.” 


“My first step was not to become visible, it was to become knowledgeable.” 



More About Jaya:

Jaya, also known as The Visibility Queen, is a no fluff, all heart business coach. She helps spirited entrepreneurs like YOU align with your message and offerings + get SEEN online using video and savvy social media strategies.

Are you sick and tired of playing on the sidelines? 

Stop playing small, make your message spread like wildfire, and EASILY sell out your programs and connect with your dream clients, using LIVE video! 

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