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Jenn Racioppi

"You don't have to struggle on your own. If you're giving birth to a really precious vulnerable part of you, let's just be real, 30 years ago that wasn't possible, this moment in history is bran spanking new, so it's not comfortable, we haven't practiced this, we didn't grow up witnessing this as a career path, if women worked it was as a teacher or a nurse, or something was allowed, or they put their business pants on and be a business woman. It wasn't like, I'm going to be a savvy business woman, who is going to take control of my finances, have a spiritual message, do my grounding work, come through my third eye, my point of receptivity, connect with other women and community and birth a new movement. That wasn't it. So for women out there struggling, do the work to get confident."

"Some of our fear is legitimate, that we actually need to get seasoned in our skill set, in our point of view, in the responsibility of holding this space and message, before we go and blast it across the globe by the interwebs."

"In this age of immediacy, we've lost the art of patience and we've lost the wisdom of cultivating our selves through experience."  

"I don't know where I'd be in my life without the good council of mentors and sisters walking the path beside me."

"Just because something hard doesn't mean it's not meant for you."

More About Jennifer:

Jenn is an astrologer, business consultant, coach, warrior for truth and the feminine, and the founder of Lunar Logic, work that  lies at the intersection of astrology, business, positive psychology and best in class health practices. She helps women develop feminine resilience so they can go the distance in their career and life. She believes that when we learn to face the dark while staying fiercely devoted to the light, we flourish.

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