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Jillian Anderson

"When we have clear boundaries, that attracts more money."

"You've got to really believe in what you're giving and what you're providing and know that it's impacting people in a positive way, and once you can really get in the alignment of believing in the value of your services, then you can charge what feels great to you." 

"We don't need to barter our services. Cutting off all bartering and trading has really opened up a lot of money for me in my life. When we stop bartering and trading we're sending the message out that, 'No. I deserve money for my services and I deserve money for my work in the world." 

"The most important thing anyone can do to attract more abundance into their life, is spend more time doing what they love. So identifying what turns you on, what excites you, what you're naturally good at, what's really fulfilling, like that deep deep fulfillment. Whatever that is, go into that. I promise opportunities to make money will come from moving deeper into that."

More About Jillian:

As an Author and Priestess Coach, Jillian helps creative + spiritual women step into next level purpose, pleasure, and prosperity by cultivating the power of their sacred sexual energy. She's known for her work teaching the Taoist Jade egg practice for spiritual vitality + magnetism, and believes a woman's deepest fulfillment is medicine for the planet. 


Jillian is the Creatrix of Permission to Prosper the 6 week LIVE Group Coaching Program for Soul-Leaders, and also facilitates 1:1 coaching with her Embodiment for Abundance Coaching Package. She believes that female leaders are weaving a new story with their work in the world, and knows to the bone, that heart-centered leaders are becoming the new models for prosperous and conscious living on the planet. 


Jillian is offering her free ebook: Permission to Prosper, The Priestess Guide to Next Level Purpose, Pleasure, and Prosperity. Which you can download here.

Where you can find Jillian's work: 

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