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Katie Burke

“Keep track of the leaps you're having in your consciousness, and that is what your work should be measured by. It’s not at all by these metrics, or website visits, or how many packages you sell, all those things are fine and can be fun, but they will, in no way, determine my work or my worth, or if my work is worthy.”

"There is no sense of competition, it's that we all need to be showing up in our very best, and that's how all of this is supposed to work. If there is ever a sense of that feeling, I find it comes from the belief that 'I am separate from this movement, I am separate from the ascension happening on this planet.' So connecting back to myself, and connecting back to the connectedness of all things. That's where I come back to remembering how connected all of this is and my personal connectedness."

"This relationship we have with money. The was we talk to our money, the way we think about our money, it's all really important. We want to treat it like a good friend we want it to come around more often."

More About Katie:

Formally a digital marketing guru and graduate student of strategic communication, Katie Burke began her Divine Feminine Awakening and remembering when she conceived her daughter. This journey of self-healing and actualization lead to the Modern Priestess Movement and her own self-actualization.

Katie administers the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness coming from the spiritual traditions of Mary Magdalene, and the Ancient Egyptian Teachings of Isis & Hathor.  She currently hosts live "Modern Priestess Meetings" where her community explores these teachings in the free online Modern Priestess Temple. 

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