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Kylie Mcbeath

“There’s a difference between believing in spiritual concepts and embodying them and actually feeling it wholeheartedly in every single cell. Like manifestation,  that’s great, but what are you doing to put it into action and really being mindful and creating that really clean energetic exchange with money.”


“When you’re so connected to something, that’s the hard part to even describe sometimes, when you literally feel like you were told what your mission is here on this planet, or you're very clear about what you’re here to do, it becomes very difficult for someone to knock you off your path.”


“The biggest shift for me was realizing that my foundation, my safety, wasn’t in the number, wasn’t in the business and what it looked like, it was in being able to sit with myself and realize what it is that I need, so my emotional needs, and being able to ask for that support if I did need it.” 

More About Kylie:

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Kylie McBeath grew up in a family of medical practitioners. Following in her families footsteps, she found herself in pre-med at the University of Arizona. She realized that she needed to fuse both modern and holistic practices into her health practice. Kylie also felt that what was truly important was to look at the source of where our discomfort stemmed— being the stories that shape our lives. Understanding those stories and working on healing them treats the condition at its source.  


She decided to enroll in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as becoming a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This ultimately inspired her and her sister Jessica McBeath, also a wellness practitioner, to create Zura Health, an online preventative care practice. Kylie cultivates a private practice where she creates a safe space for her clients to heal and grow, by addressing the deep emotional ice burgs that exist beneath the surface. 

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