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Lara-Rose Duong

“What if your soul song? What is your purpose here? What is your unique gift? As you’re sitting here on this Earth, you alone have some beautiful gift, story inside of you that can make changes in this world, that can change someone else’s life, and just by sharing that, and enjoying the process of sharing your love and light, that can help you feel in love with yourself and in love with the world.” 


“If you can stand up for yourself, if you can take care of yourself, then you’ll be able to ask other people to do the same for you.” 


“If you’re unable to receive gifts from other people, in all forms, energy, time, love, focus, then how can you receive money from other people too?”  


“ Get really honest about where you are. Where are you right now? How did you get here?”  

More About LRD:

In her own words:


"I am a divinely guided woman that mentors activated sacred women to define prosperity and luxury on their own terms.


Together we pray with our feet and build a sacred container for money honey to grow, live, and exist with purpose.


Each woman taps into her big fire and lives in alignment with her soul’s song.


I have done my time in corporate land and found that there was a big piece missing from the conversation when I sat down with my clients in a traditional financial advising setting.. Now, we get to engage in the full spectrum conversation around money honey & prosperity in all areas of our lives.


The soul work fuels the action plan."


You can find LRD's work here:

IG/FB/Twitter: @lararoseduong


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Current Offerings:


The Rich Witch Program - 6 months deep dive into your prosperity story and activating your inner Rich Witch - One-on-One

Rich Witch Coven: Four Month Journey To Activate The Witch's Honey Pot 

Rich Witch Readings - One session where we look at your current money honey story and work with tarot and oracle cards to guide our conversation —> perfect place to start your journey

FREE OFFERING ——> Rich Witch Meditation:

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