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Mary Tilson

“I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve had these opportunities come up and I’ve just gone with them. And in some ways, I guess you could say that’s lucky. But I also think that part of it is being totally open to any opportunity that comes.” 


“There’s a really special feeling of connection when you are always meeting people from other parts of the world and you can always find similarities with them and you realize how connect we all really are.”


“I would say the biggest thing for me, is to not wait for that validation that you are enough to be a teacher, whether you’re a massage therapist or a healer. If you’ve experienced something yourself and you feel that you want to share that, then you have everything you need to do that.”

*Mary encourages anyone offering professional services including teaching yoga or various healing modalities to be properly certified and take part in ongoing education for the safety of yourself and others, but she insists that we are all in a place to share inspiration and light with the world.*

More About Mary:

Mary is a yoga and meditation teacher based on Sumba Island in Indonesia. Mary's passion for yoga has taken her from her home studios in the US on a journey around the world. She is the Director of Yoga & Wellness at Nihiwatu, a luxury wellness resort in Indonesia recently named “No.1 Hotel in the World” by Travel+Leisure. She also leads retreats worldwide and is a regular contributor to a number of trusted travel & wellness sites including The Fit Traveller, Yoga Trade & Elephant Journal.

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