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Dr. Nikki Starr Noce

“When we can ask for help, and receive, that is the feminine. Men really like being providers and women really like being taken care of and that’s ok.”


“Come into the knowing that you aren’t going to please everyone. And there is going to be people that are going to say mean things… I was always given the advice that if you’re pissing someone off then you’re on the right path. Because when it’s time for people to heal, the darkness comes up. And when you’re pressing on those points for people, that’s going to happen.”


“If you reveal who you truly are, then those who are looking for you will find you.”

More About Nikki:

As a spiritual healer, life guide and Love Ambassador, Nikki Starr is passionate about awakening the healing power of love in humanity, as well as empowering people to live their dreams. 


Her call to healing began with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Nutrition from New York University. After receiving her Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine and completing her internship at NYU Medical Center, she realized the greatest medicines are love and self care.  

This inspired her to pioneer her own healing path, guided by the heart, to focus on love and whole-istic wellness as the ultimate prescription.

After traveling the world and awakening to her spiritual path, she discovered her energy healing and channeling abilities. As an Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Energy Practitioner, Meditation and Intimacy Teacher, certified Yoga Instructor and Nutrition Advisor, Nikki Starr works with clients around the world via personal sessions (both online and in person), worldwide retreats, experiential workshops and the online Initiation Course™. Nikki Starr also facilitates women's circles and is co-creator of the Art of Ritual

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