A Conscious Conversation

About Money With:

Ora North

“Money is kind of neutral in that we get to decide what it means to us. We get to decide what it says about our self worth. But on the other hand, the money system itself is the patriarchy. So it’s not neutral. It has been used to suppress people and oppress people. For a very very long time. And, again, on the other end of it, people have been able to use it to really nurture themselves in their lives. Like magic, it’s mostly neutral, but nothing is ever neutral.”

“You can do anything, you literally can do anything you want to do. But what do you want to do? What do you actually want to do? You can do a million things that you can monetize, that you can be successful with, but what do you want to do just on its own.” 

More About Ora:

Leo sun. Scorpio moon. Writer. Photographer. Healer. Witch woman. Shadow dancer. Moon bather. Fire breather. Optimist. Fucking drama queen. Bleeding heart. Unapologetic empath. Lover of fuzzy animals, coffee and travel. Owner of The Pines Apothecary. Goddess of the Underworld. 

You can find her work at

@oranorth on Instagram

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