It's OK To Want...

At a retreat I attended last may, the women leading guided us through a visualization where we entered a time machine and zoomed ourselves to 20 years from now.

I landed at a cabin in the woods, the ocean nearby and redwoods in my back yard. It was Christmas time and my young kids (boys) were running around with their cousins. My parents were cute and old and on the couch sipping drinks. Presents all around them. I can still smell the turkey that was in the oven (apparently I'm not a vegetarian anymore). My husband was in a flannel talking with his brother around the kitchen island. They were both strong, and handsome, and tender. Men. It was lightly raining. The walls were made of wood and when I looked at myself in the mirror I was wrinkled from too many days in the sun, my hair long to my waist, I was the most beautiful I had ever seen me, and I said back to myself, "You made it.”

I was 45 and life was still so full of life. My kids were little. A new chapter was just starting. When it was time to open my eyes I was in tears.

It's easy to think we have to plan our lives on a certain timeline. I'm as progressive as they come and I still find myself worrying if I'm wasting time by not settling. Paradigms are real. But remember you make the rules. Your life is not over when you hit 30. Or 40. Or 60. You can have kids at 38. Find love at 70. Skip all that and travel until you're 50. Your life will be so much more beautiful when you let it be what it wants to be. When you follow your truth. When you let go of the shoulds.

Any time I see a cabin, I think of those blissful twenty minutes at 45. And I remember to take it all in. Because right now is a part of what gets me there. Right now I have more twenty something life to live. And that is so so ok. That is exactly what I need.

As a psychic, working with time is possibly one of the most interesting parts of my job. It is much more fluid and flexible than we think. Our future is always changing. Molding to match the truth of who we are today. Bending to meet us where we want to be met.

I know for many of you, life feels really anxious right now. Is it going to work out? Am I going to be okay? Will my life ever be filled with the type of joy I want it to be filled with?

Take ten minutes this week to get quiet. To breathe. To imagine what the most beautiful life you can think of looks like for you. Maybe take yourself to five, ten, twenty years from now. Be there. Watch. Soak it in.

These images. They are pictures of your soul. And life will most likely present them to you in real time in a much different package, a better more true manifestation, but visualizing is the first step.

It’s ok to dream. It’s your birthright to desire all things wonderful.

For a long time, I wouldn’t let myself want things. I would shoo off visualization. Resist writing down anything I desired. I had been hurt by disappointment so many times in the past, that I just didn’t want to desire any more. Desire meant that I could get hurt. I didn’t want to fall in love, because if I did and it ended then I’d feel lost. I didn’t want to want my business to be full time, because if I failed, then maybe that meant I’d never make it all. I was afraid if I wanted something and I didn’t get it then my faith in the Universe, my hope, would be taken away from me. And if that was taken away from me, then I would be totally and completely lost.

So I remained in this stagnant place. Just hoping it all would work out. Fighting life. Pushing my way forward. Taking what came. And trying to be grateful.

Not really looking closely at my soul.

Not really meeting the Universe halfway.

I was scared.

I felt dim.

My soul wanted to want.

It wanted to dream.

And all things in my life started happening to show me that I needed to get clearer.

This is a crazy time right now.

For many of us, it feels selfish to want things when there seems to be bigger problems to focus on.

But right now is actually the perfect time to desire.

It is your desires that will lead you to your truth. To living the fullest expression of you.

And this. This will save the world.

This is exactly what we need.

One of my favorite things to do is help my clients tap into their future selves. I get so much information about their beautiful lives to come and nothing is more powerful than sharing this with them.

Right now I’m offering $100 gift certificates for the holidays, for my sixty minute sessions. If you purchase one, you will also receive 30% off of any session you would like to book for yourself.

I would be so honored to work with you.

Thank you for always showing up. For being you.

Life is shaky and scary right now and just that fact that you’re waking up is an accomplishment.

I’m sending you so much love.