A six month group coaching immersion designed to resolve self expression trauma, give major creative clarity, help you step into your power and finally go toward the offerings of your soul.









1:1 AND



After working with women at every stage of their businesses, in so many different stages of their lives, I've found that most of us struggle deeply with trauma revolving self expression, speaking our truth, accessing our inner cosmic wisdom and magic, really making ourselves and desires known to the world and taking aligned action toward what we want the most.   


When your creative voice requires you to do things that are vulnerable and different than the status quo, actions that honor your true desires, things like tell your story, claim your voice and perspective, take a whole new approach to life and business, go all in with work that nourishes you, if you’re someone who grew up in a home and culture that didn’t nurture your truest expression (which is most of us), or if you're someone who has a trauma history, when you go to take the creative action, your body is going to scream a big and loud NO in order to keep you safe.

Your body is going to remind you of all the times you tried to do something different, something creative, something vulnerable, and the result was less than ideal. 

You might respond with coping mechanisms like...

+ Paralyzing lack of action and inability to be consistent 

+ Chronic illness and exhaustion

+ Extreme guilt if you aren't working/overworking on projects that don't bring you joy


+ Fear that what you really want to be doing won't actually make you money or isn't a real option


+ Depression and a deep feeling of being trapped


+ Anxiety whenever you have to do anything that requires you being seen. I.e. posting on social media, starting a podcast, teaching a class, creating a website, speaking up to an authority figure, setting a boundary 

+ Negative self talk that tells you you aren't ______ enough to run your own business or be creative

So many women come to me and ask why they are flooded with fear when going to sit down to write a blog post, speak up in a meeting, or let go of the offerings that drain them, why they feel like they could almost faint at the thought of them doing anything remotely radical.  After not too much time together we realize that these triggers are pointing to something worth listening to: the woman inside of you who needs her creativity fostered and her voice heard. 

When you listen to this voice, everything changes. 

Depression turns into aliveness.

Creativity flows through you with ease.

Your fears of being seen seem non-existent. 

Networking and showing up feels effortless. 

Your ideas feel true and in integrity. 

You have energy and joy. 

So much to give. 


Income. Vitality. Creativity. Connection. Boundaries.  

This is what I support you with. 

We travel back in time to meet the needs of all of your parts. We resolve painful memories with so much support, at a safe pace.  We find business strategies that excite and energize you. Strategies that feel doable and aligned.  We find your yeses and your nos. We resolve trauma somatically and are left with something beautiful:

The you that knows your path and all the right steps to take that will honor your body and heart. 

The one that isn't afraid to speak her needs and do vulnerable creative things. 

The part that has a cause worth creating for. The you that is full of wise words, your message, and big truths. 

The bad ass that knows there's a business model that will work for her nervous system. The you that says no to anything harmful. 

The you that refuses to do this alone. 

After many years of doing this work, I've discovered something even more powerful than 1:1 trauma resolution work and coaching and that's women sharing and resolving their trauma together over many months at a time. 

What's even more powerful are these women strategizing their creative work with one another.


Something magical happens when we come together and witness one another in our greatest pain and hopes. We heal. We thrive.  

Trauma Resolution + 8 Creative Womxn + 6 Months Together To Help You Go After You Dreams = 

Serious Business Magic


The kind that is sustainable and long lasting. 

True change comes when we are willing to go toward all that we've been running from. Our trauma and emotions hold the key to our entire life, the gems of our creativity and uniqueness lie in the stories we're afraid to uncover.  We owe it to ourselves to look at what we went through, where we learned we are not enough, not worthy of all the goodness we desire, and it's up to us to re-write our narrative. 

Our lives changes when we invite others to join us on our journey. Hands down, I owe my business success to my connection with other creative women. But connecting can feel hard and scary. Worthy In Expression is about making it less so. 

I'm here to help you strategize big (and healthy) business shifts, inspire you, and resolve trauma that has made all of this feel so heavy. 

This is what Worthy In Expression is about: 

6 Months. 8 Women. Trauma Resolution. Togetherness. Business Magic. Group Coaching + 1:1 Strategy and Trauma Transformation Sessions. 

How It Works: 

We will meet as a group 2x per month, for the course of six months. Each call will be two hours and facilitated by me, mastermind style. Each woman will get an allotted amount of time to share what is most present for her and receive intuitive coaching and trauma resolution from me and also support from the other women in the group. This allows us to operate like a hive mind. You'll be able to really flush out your creative ideas and get amazing feedback from everyone on the call. This is where miracles happen. I intentionally chose this program to be the last six months of the year, ending in February 2020. This gives us enough time to really re-work your business and create and launch an offering that feels totally aligned. 

You will also meet with me 1:1 each month for a 60 minute strategy session where we will dive deep into the support you're most needing in business and life.  This allows not only for group but also 1:1 support, trauma resolution, and business strategy. 

In addition, you will receive two private 1:1 breathwork sessions with me for somatic trauma release and transformation. 

We will also have opening and closing ceremonies and bonus teaching material. 

Through your individual and group sessions you will receive somatic practices and unique-to-you next business steps to ensure implementation and transformation and a private Facebook community for extra support.


You'll Receive A Total Of: 

+ 14 Group Mastermind Calls

+ 6 Private 1:1 60 Minute Coaching and Trauma Transformation Sessions

+ 2 Private 1:1 Breathwork Sessions 

+ Access To My Signature Group Program Worthy In Business


+ A Private Facebook Group To Connect With All Of The Womxn In The Program

Worthy In Expression Is For You If You Want To...

+ Join a mastermind-group-coaching  type program that prioritizes trauma resolution, cosmically curated business strategies, and deepening into intimacy and togetherness as a way to grow your work.

+ Let go of business practices that are out of integrity and  harmful to your body and nervous system.

+ Have support, guidance and accountability with your next offering or business shift.

+ Gain massive clarity around your next creative step and soul's calling. To weed out everything in your work that is making you feel trapped in a cycle you can't seem to get out of.

+ To resolve trauma that makes it feel terrifying to network and really connect with other creatives.

+ Finally face the anxiety that makes it feel so hard to tap into and embody true self expression. 

+  Feel fully alive, free, and joyful while being yourself in your business + life.

The Cost: 

One Payment of $2500 USD



Six Monthly Payments of $ 500 USD

Extended payment plans are also available. 


How To Join Us: 


Once you fill out an application, I will reach out to set up a 30 minute clarity call to see if this program is a good fit for your needs and also if what you're desiring matches that of the group. 



The last day to apply is August 9th

"Before working with Anastasia,  I felt a lot of anxiety and fear of being seen, which was preventing me from truly connecting with my clients and stepping fully into my expressive power.

Now, I feel more centered and confident to put out the TRUE version of me out there. I was able to let go of the self-imposed box that I was trying to figure out and just let my creative energy lead the way. The group psychic sessions felt sooooo spot on and the amount of freedom and peace that came afterwards completely re-inspired me to connect back even deeper to being so true to myself.

I felt so much validation in my experience and felt the support not only from Anastasia, but also from knowing there were other women bumping up against similar blocks within themselves."

Amy Meraki


"I freaking loved working with Anastasia! Before working with her, I was struggling to get clear on what I really wanted to be doing in my business and how to even make it happen. I had been listening more and more to my Soul, but was unsure of how to tie it together and integrate all the information that was coming up for me. I also didn't know why I was feeling resistance in terms of taking new steps in my business and putting my ideas into action. My desires and dreams felt too big and too out of reach. 

Anastasia cut straight through the fluff and the bullshit and got right to my Soul truth - something I had been avoiding for a long time. I feel confident to move forward in my business, have vision and clarity, charge more for my sessions and connect with clients easily. She was such was a huge help in identifying my wounds and issues that need healing in my life if I'm going to succeed at all that I do. After working with her I'm I am motivated, inspired, confident and clear to start working on my business and sharing my truth with the world." 

Courtney Allen


Is it required for me to attend every call? How are the calls held?

Nope! It is highly encouraged for you to attend as many calls as possible, but it is inevitable that you will miss some due to scheduling. All calls will be on Zoom video, recorded and sent out.  If you can't attend live, you will be able to submit your questions beforehand.


Can I take this program even though I don't have a business? 


Yes! The basis of this program is to provide you with deep emotional healing and tools so you can finally self express and be you in the world. If you don't have a business yet, but want one, this program will help you figure out what that unique business is. If you don't want a business, this program still can add tremendous value to your life.  Though I will be covering how to run a successful business and make money from doing what you love, I think you'll be surprised by how much that content inspires you to step out into your creativity in a big a way in all areas of your life.  I also think that if you're drawn to this work, you may be surprised what's inside of you that wants to be created, and that you can actually start make money from it, fast. 

When would I meet with you for our 1:1 sessions? 

We will meet once a month for your 60 minute 1:1 coaching session with me. You will also receive two 60 minute breathwork sessions  with me that you can schedule at your own convenience during the duration of the program. 

What is the refund policy? 

Because of the intimate nature of this program, there are no refunds. However, life things do happen and I can approve refunds on a case by case basis. 

The last day to apply is August 9th


"Before working with Ana, I was having trouble finding freedom in my life. Now, I feel empowered to take the steps in making my business come to life. The group psychic sessions were a HUGE breakthrough for me. I felt like the fog I have been in for the past 3 years has been lifted and I can see everything clearly now."

Abbie Brasch

"Working with Ana was like having her look into the pages of my soul and read them back to me. Her ability to not only read what was present in my energy but to also reaffirm the unspoken desires of my heart was like being able to exhale after holding my breath for what felt like a lifetime. Her work is invaluable. You'll leave your time with her a totally different woman." 

Phoenix Muranetz

"I full-heartedly trust Anastasia as a psychic and business mentor. My psychic session with Anastasia affirmed so much of what I knew was true in my heart. Anastasia not only guided me with grace on some key decisions with my business (time to go way inward and rest before starting anything new) but also foresaw my desire to have more in-person work, and do more esoteric trainings (soon after I became an EFT Tapping practitioner and became certified in a modality called Matrix Reimprinting). I think what I loved most about having this time with Anastasia though was how uplifting and encouraging she was. She helped me stretch my dreams, saw right through any self-doubts I was holding and helped me believe anything was possible for my life. Our time also included lots of laughter. It was like reuniting with an old friend who could also see my soul. All women could use this kind of support ~ it was a true gift."


Meredith Rom

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Hi There! I’m Anastasia and I’m a intuitive guide and trauma resolution coach for women. Basically what this means is that I tap into the stars and help amazing women connect to the truth of what they came here to do, their highest creativity, and help them get that truth out into the world in a way that actually feels good. 

After a decade of being ruled by debilitating abuse trauma, I found freedom in body based practices and trauma resolution work. Like, true freedom. The freedom I had been looking for, for so so long. When I became trauma aware, everything in my life changed. Especially the way I related to my business.


Since then, I have been committed to bringing trauma awareness and sustainable business practices to the modern wellness space. 


I believe trauma resolution, with a dash of authentic and real psychic flare,  is what's missing in today’s self help world. 

My journey is unique and radical and one that has had a lot of healing. I believe if all woman knew their true wholeness, this space inside of them that is never broken and totally safe and ok, we would be living in an entirely different world. 


My mission is to get the message that You Are Not Broken And Never Were, So Please Create Your Magic to as many humans as possible.   

You can read more about my story here.


The last day to apply is August 9th